Live Linux on a Stick

On my quest to get a portable and fully usable computer running, I discovered a cool little feature bundled in LinuxLive USB Creator. It essentially lets you make a Portable Virtual Machine out of your bootable USB linux so you can boot it while in Windows. It’s a goofy looking program but it is dead simple to use and works fantastic for setting up a bootable key.

Download LinuxLive USB Creator and install it.

Start LinuxLive USB Creator from your Start Menu -> All Programs -> LinuxLive USB Creator

Creating a Linux Live USB

  • step 1: choose a USB key or drive in the list
  • step 2: select an ISO file or a CD
  • step 3: choose the size of persistent data
  • step 4: check the options you want
  • step 5: click the lightning button to start the creation

Traffic light state:

  • Red light: the step has not been carried out correctly, you cannot start creating a Live USB key
  • Orange light: there is a non blocking problem during this step, you can still start the creation
  • Green light: everything is fine