Welcome to my Minecraft Server page. I am running a simple server with friends.
Feel free to join us if you would like!
08/08/13 I have take the server down until further notice. I do not have time anymore to keep the site running.

07/06/13 UPDATES: Back up to 1.6.2! Jump on and check it out. I have started a new map but will be moving the old city/plots and stuff over to the new map when I get a bit of time. The server software is still unstable but I’ve been playing it for the last few hours with no crashes. Let me know if you have any issues.

07/06/13 UPDATES: We are officially up to 1.6.1. You will need to redownload the launcher to play as 1.6 requires a updated launcher. This is definitely BLEEDING EDGE so the server may not be 100% stable. Be careful. Everything is being saved every 15 minutes so the worst that we would lose is 15 minutes of work. Horses are only spawning in new unexplored chunks until the older mobs are killed in the old chunks. If you have any errors or problems, send me a message (‘/mail jayzon915′ or ‘/calladmin’ or just text me) so I know! Dropped back to 1.5.2 for now, too many issues with the update.

06/03/13 UPDATES: NPC’s have been added. I am making them all functional and giving them interesting back stories. Hopefully I can get them moved around and setup some simple quests or something.

06/03/13 UPDATES: The MMO plugin that we were using was causing a ton of background issues and is for now, disabled. Thank you for being patient with me during this. I know it is frustrating losing all of your hard work. I have added a few safety check tonight that will help stop this from happening again. The server will save everything every 15 minutes now (was every 12 hours) and the server will save and restart every 6 hours (was every 24 hours). This will help clear the server and hopefully keep the server up running stable.

05/29/13 UPDATES: A lot of new things to mention!

  • I have added a security measure to the server. The first time you log in you will need to “/register [password]” to login to the server. From then on you will need to “/login [password]” to get into the server. If you have any issues email me @ jayzon915@gmail.com
  • Added a HealthBar for mobs and players. Nifty, huh?
  • A few of you may have noticed that there is a store next to the spawn. Check it out. Click the signs to buy and sell items. Right click to buy, left to sell. On the sign, B is the buy price and S is the sell price. Everyone starts with $0. The only way to get started is to sell things. If you can think of any items to add to the store let me know.
  • More to come!

05/18/13 UPDATES: We now have MobArena! Test your battling skills and defeat wave after wave of mobs for some sweet loot! I am also reorganizing the town to better fit everyone’s plots. My apologies if you lost something. Send me a message in game with /mail or /calladmin. Also, you can now have a total of two houses with /sethome [name].

04/28/13 Welcome! This is my third server and we are going to make this one amazing! When you begin, you are an outcast in the outlands! Spend some time checking out the city and then you will need to contact me and I can setup a plot in town for you to make your masterpiece!

This server is perma down!  

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